Projects for_Good

Creating the trade-ups we want to see in the world is our true passion. Which is why developing commercially viable product and service ideas that do good isn’t just something we do for our clients, but also something in which we invest our own sweat and capital. 

BillWill will remove the unnecessary cruelty of untangling a loved one’s life admin after their death. We have developed and researched a breakthrough concept, powered by new capabilities afforded by Open Finance to improve the experiences of Australians facing bereavement. 

It will dramatically reduce the administrative burden even the most proactive planner might leave behind as well as address critical gaps in current government death notification services and remove risk and closure tasks for vendors. 

Behavioural Design methodology, advanced User Experience practices and integration with opportunities provided by upcoming Consumer Data Right evolutions are all powering the design and development program aimed at entering the market in early 2024. BillWill is funded by already secured angel investment and some good old-fashioned sweat from the Good Behaviour team.